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The Rebozo is a woven scarf and comes from Mexico. It has many purposes; In addition to being used as a normal scarf, Mexican women use it as a sling for their children. Midwives use it during pregnancy and during childbirth in the postpartum period for treatments/massages.
Luckily for us, this ancient knowledge has reached Switzerland.

Every woman should be given the opportunity to use Rebozo. It is a soothing experience for body and mind. It is recommended as a supplementary, alternative therapy for issues that affect the center of the body (menstrual or menopausal symptoms, if you want to have children, an unplanned pregnancy or after a miscarriage).

The Rebozo application is not covered by the health insurance company. The application is included during a postpartum visit.

The cost is CHF 120 for a session of 60 minutes.

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