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Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Schwangerschaft!

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Pregnancy is usually a healthy process and yet it brings many changes with it. Not only does the woman change on the outside, many emotions and new aspects in the relationship can also be triggered. In addition to assessing the woman's general condition and the child's vitality, the focus of pregnancy support is also on providing advice on physical and emotional changes .

There are various care models you can choose from during pregnancy:

Continuous care from a midwife is recommended for a physiological pregnancy.
The midwife is trained to accompany physiological pregnancies and to recognize deviations.
In the event of complications that require medical intervention, the midwife will refer the woman to the doctor.

→ The best-known model is the support alternated by your midwife and your gynecologist. This type of midwifery care is particularly suitable for high-risk pregnancies. I always strive to ensure good collaboration with the various specialists.

→ As a final option, exclusive checks by your gynecologist are possible.

I recommend a preliminary discussion with your postpartum midwife to assess your individual needs or, in the case of a first pregnancy, attending a birth preparation course as a basis for the birth and the postpartum period.

In Switzerland, seven pregnancy checks and two ultrasound examinations are generally recommended and covered by health insurance. In case of a high-risk pregnancy, more checks may be necessary after medical registration and prescription.

A midwife's pregnancy check-up includes:
Heart sound check using fetal doppler and monitoring of the baby's growth, assessing the woman's vitality and general condition, urine testing and blood pressure measurement, blood samples if necessary, referral for ultrasound, advice on prenatal diagnostics, nutrition, digestion, prophylaxis and treatment of complaints, birth preparation, postpartum preparation and much more .

I take an hour for a pregnancy check, and your partner, children or even pets ;) are always welcome.

This accompaniment is covered by the basic insurance from the 13th week of pregnancy without any deductible or deductible. Before the 13th week of pregnancy, a 60-minute pregnancy check will be charged at CHF 120 including travel.

Zu einer Schwangerschaftskontrolle bei der Hebamme gehören:
Herztonkontrolle mittels fetalem Doppler und Überwachung des Wachstumsverlaufs des Babys, Vitalität und Allgemeinzustand der Frau beurteilen, Urinkontrolle und Blutdruckmessung, ggf. Blutentnahmen, Überweisung zum Ultraschall, Beratung zu Pränataldiagnostik, Ernährung, Verdauung, Prophylaxe und Behandlung von Beschwerden, Geburtsvorbereitung, Wochenbettvorbereitung und vieles mehr.


Für eine Schwangerschaftskontrolle nehme ich mir eine Stunde Zeit.
Dein/e Partner/in, Kinder oder auch Haustiere ;) sind stets willkommen.

Diese Begleitung wird von der Grundversicherung ab der 13. Schwangerschaftswoche ohne Franchisenbelastung und Selbstbehalt übernommen. Vor der 13. Schwangerschaftswoche wird eine Schwangerschaftskontrolle von 60 Minuten mit 120.- CHF inkl. Anfahrt verrechnet. 

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