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As a midwife, I accompany mothers and new families with their newborn child.
Holistic and natural care is important to me, whereby physical and mental well-being are always viewed as a unit.

In order to understand your individual needs and accompany you on your unique path, I recommend a prenatal consultation.

Postpartum care is covered by basic insurance until the 56th day after birth.
The on-call allowance of CHF 150 (CHF 220 for an outpatient birth) will be billed to the mother.
Some additional insurance policies cover the on-call money.

The on-call allowance compensates for the availability of the midwife over weeks, which is not covered by basic insurance.

Free spots from August 2024!

Baby in Decke gewickelt

G. R.

“Anna looked after us during the postpartum period and we all felt completely comfortable with her. Your loving and competent manner gave us a lot of security and a good feeling for the four of us.
We would always ask her for the postpartum period."
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