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pregnancy support

Pregnancy: a time full of expectation, hope and sometimes fear.
During the pregnancy checks by the midwife, if necessary in collaboration with your doctor, your needs will be given space.

private midwife

A private midwife accompanies the woman through all phases:
She provides care during pregnancy, during birth in the hospital and in the postpartum period at home. The advantage of this model is continuity and 1:1 support. Building a relationship between family and midwife promotes trust and safety during birth.

birth processing

The journey from woman to mother is often profound and wonderful at the same time, but can also be marred by traumatic experiences. I would like to support you in processing your birth experience and healing holistically.

birth preparation

A pregnancy, birth and the period afterwards are probably the biggest changes for a woman/couple.

So that you can go into the birth strengthened and continue into family time afterwards, I would be happy to provide you with individual information and clarify your questions.

postpartum care

The time after birth is characterized by many internal and external changes for mother and child.

I would be happy to accompany you as you arrive, become a family and start as a parent.

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