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An ancient tradition of Native American peoples that celebrates the mother. In the women's circle (with sisters, friends, your mom, grandmother, etc.) the woman is encouraged for the approaching birth. In addition, the journey of pregnancy and the journey of peak physical and psychological performance should be honored.

Would you also be interested in a Mama Blessing ceremony for yourself or as a gift for an expectant mother?

Pierina from PIERINAYURVEDA and Anna from CURA FEMME accompany the ceremony and respond to your individual needs.

A Mama Blessing ceremony lasts about 3 hours and can be paid as a flat rate of CHF 480 or as a participant fee.

The price includes the ceremony management by a therapist and a midwife, individual preparation, travel (within GR), flowers, other material costs if necessary and, if desired, souvenir photos.

The participants' individual items to bring with them and the food for the get-together after the ceremony are not included.

Mögliche Inhalte einer MAMA Blessing Zeremonie

  • sanftes Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Massage in der Gruppe z.B. Handmassage

  • Manifestation der Wunschgeburt

  • Mantras singen

  • knüpfen einer Geburtskette aus mitgebrachten Perlen

  • eine Geburtskerze mit Glücksbänder von jeder Teilnehmerin versehen

  • ein gemeinsamer Brief an das Kind schreiben

  • ein Geburtsspray, Massage Öl oder Roller gemischt mit ätherischen Ölen

  • gemeinsames Binden eines Blumenkranzes

  • Geschichten und Erinnerungen teilen

  • Bemalung des Bauches mit Henna

  • Fotos als Erinnerung

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